Sunday, December 14, 2008

A Yankee In A Confederate Queen's Court

I am writing this live from Tallahassee, Florida and I do NOT, repeat, DO NOT have to work tomorrow. YAY!!! I am visiting my girlfriend Megan and her family. Sometime we are going to open presents, but that depends when her present gets to her house. I ordered it delivered there and it's been a week or so and it should be here by now. I am having a total blast visiting Meg, her mom Daisy, her kickass son Javid, Meg's stepfather David, her brother Jerod, and Jerod's two daughters Alexsis and Ashlynn. Not to mention the legions of people that walk through that front door. I feel truly blessed to have been a part of not only two families(mom's and dad's), but now Meg's.

At this moment, I do not have any great observances to write about. Meg mentioned that I should write a blog and I figured, 'what the hell I have nothing else to do'.

While it sucks that I will eventually have to leave( and endure Meg's sadness). I know it's better that we're together and far away...than far apart. I love her like I've loved no other person in my life when it comes to romance. This doesn't come close to any of the past relationships. She's just one of those people that 'get' me. She understands why I get so frustrated and angry at myself and other people. She laughs at the same rediculous stuff I do and she understands what it's like to be on hard times. Most of all, her unstoppable, she's sitting right beside me) her unending will to tell the truth is what keeps me going. I am a sensitive person and therefore, worry about hurting other people's feelings. She understands that the truth always serves a better purpose in the long run even if it hurts the other person for the short term. Always, her undying strength and inner beauty(trust me she has plenty outer) are what I am most in awe of. The woman has endured spina bifida and scoliosis her entire life and I have yet to see someone as strong as her, save a few people. Her spirit and indomitable will is totally immortal in its strength. For her, I thank God every day that she is part of my life. He works in mysterious ways and I thank him for the blessing that came through a computer screen.

We met online in MSN Groups in what is called an E-fed. An E-fed is where people who like to write(like myself) make up their own wrestlers, storylines, and compete with other writers for various titles and other awards. The competition isn't what I do it for, it's the sole enjoyment of get the idea. We were in the same fed and I added her to my contact list on MSN Messenger(an instant message service for those who aren't familiar) and we hit it off instantly. We talked online for around four years(two of which were also on the phone). For that duration we were really good friends and I had a HUGE crush on her...HUGE, GINORMOUS. I never told her as my self-esteemed prevented me from thinking I had a chance at this woman whom I called a 'goddess' to one of my online friends. Well, come October 23, 2007...she became mine. Totally nervous was I when I told her my feelings and she to me, but other than that...the earth didn't shake, no explosions didn't happen, and my life didn't suddenly improve drastically other than that she was in my life. I didn't win the lottery, I didn't get a book deal, I didn't get any dream job, in fact I've had some pretty dark days since she's come into my life, but I've endured them all with hers and the Father's support. Truly, I am blessed and God truly gave me my dream girl. I still feel that I don't deserve her because of my many shortcomings, but I have come to terms with it. I think God has been trying to teach me the meaning of grace in this way. Thank you, Father. Amen.

'Nuff Said.


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